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Videos All Subjects

Study Island NJ


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BCS Students Attend NJDE Kid Tech Day 2008

 2008 Girl's Softball

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Mr. Young's Bouncy 'A'

"The Internet is a wonderful learning tool that needs to be  supervised and guided to support students on their academic journey to success in our high  tech world!" by Mrs. Nasto
2013-2014 School Year Mrs. Nasto is Instructing
Grades  K - 4th
Plus 6th & 7th

"Best of the Best"  2011-2012
Best Country WEb Site
"The Bahamas" by 7th Graders
Ashley Thomas & Priscilla Merlino
"Best of the Best" 2013-2014
Best State Movie

"Rhode Island" by 6th Grade Students
Erin & Nazhae
Fast Math

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Welcome, I hope to provide a helpful collection of computer technology resources for students, parents, teachers, and the community.

"The real magic wand is
the child's own mind."

     By Jose Ortega y Gasse

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Parents Reminder: Students need to be supervised and guided when using the Internet teach your child to make good decisions that reflect your family's values and our school's values for more online parental tips visit:

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