• Pre-K 4 STEAM

    Little Lions Pre-K 4-year-old program is excited to present...Science, Technology, Education, Art and Math!

    During the three afternoons, your Little Lion is with us, we will explore our world through many different lenses.  The children will be involved in outdoor activities as we dive into the amazing world of nature.  They will also have opportunities to practice their creativity through endless hands-on activities.   Your son or daughter will become familiar with the use of the iPad and be exposed to programs in math and language arts used by the Kindergarten students at BCS. It truly is an afternoon of enrichment and fun! 

    Schedule for the afternoon enrichment program*  

    11:30-11:45 Bathroom Break/Wash hands to prepare for lunch

    11:45-12:15 LUNCH in the Cafeteria - Little Lions will eat lunch in the main cafeteria.

    12:15-12:40 OUTDOOR PLAY

    12:40-12:55 Quiet time (during this 15 minutes, peaceful music will be played as the children "rest."  We practice taking

                         deep breaths and some other relaxation techniques.)

    12:55- 1:10  Opening activity/story: Children will discover the topic of the day. I will ask them questions so they can tap into

                         their prior knowledge and have a simple discussion on what we will be learning that day.



                 This will take place each day, including a math center, science center, and an art center.


                The children share and ask additional questions. We encourage them to share and ask you questions as well!


     * This is simply a guide as to what your child might be doing.