• The Berlin Borough Board of Education currently pays the following rates for substitute personnel:

Daily Substitute Rates

  • Daily Certificated Substitute Teacher Rate: $95.00/day
    Daily Non-Certificate Substitute Teacher Rate: $85.00/day
    Daily Instructional Assistant Substitute Rate: $80.00/day
    Daily Nurse Substitute Rate: $125.00/day
    Hourly Custodian Substitute Rate: $12.00/hour
    Hourly Office Staff Substitute Rate: $10.00/hour
    Hourly Cafeteria/Playground Aide Sub Rate: $10.00/hour

Long Term Sub Rates

  • Long Term Substitute Teacher Rate:
         Days 1-19: $95.00 /day
         Days 20+: $125.00/day
    Long Term Substitute Nurse Rate:
         Days 1-19: $125.00/day
         Days 20-39: $161.00/day
         Days 40+: $292.81/day(Per Diem Step 1BA)
  • Approved by the Berlin Borough Board of Education on:  June 21, 2018