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    August 1, 2022

    Dear BCS Families,

    The Berlin Community School and Home Association (BCSHA) would like to welcome everyone back to school! Please take a few minutes to look over this information, so you can stay on top of some of the important activities that will be happening to benefit all of our children at BCS. THIS YEAR, THE BCSHA MEMBERSHIP FORM IS ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE. For planning purposes, we recommend joining BCSHA by Friday, 10/7/22.

    We have included the following:

    1. BCSHA Membership Form link ($5 membership per family) 

    Includes Classroom volunteer sign-up information

    1. BCSHA Dates to Remember for 2022-23 (Subject to Change) 

    The BCSHA Executive Committee feels that connecting home and school makes us a stronger community. Our membership consists of parents, teachers, staff, and administrators, all working together toward a common objective - to enhance the educational experience of every student at BCS. In the past, the funds raised have been used to purchase instructional materials and sponsor numerous community events and initiatives. We are very proud of what our organization is able to accomplish with your support.  

    Upon receipt of your completed registration and paid dues of $5 per family,  your BCSHA Membership grants you voting privileges at our monthly meetings, access to the BCSHA Facebook group, opportunities to volunteer throughout the year, and most importantly provides support to BCS students. With your membership, we can continue to provide the “little extras” that make our school “extra” special.

    Becoming a member of the BCSHA is a great way to get involved and contribute to the Berlin Community. Keep an eye out on Facebook and your email throughout the year for information on how to volunteer for BCSHA events. We can almost guarantee you will make some wonderful friends along the way! The BCSHA Meetings will be held once a month usually on Tuesdays, at 7:30pm virtually via zoom.

    The 1st BCSHA Meeting is Tuesday, 9/20 via zoom. Check BCSHA Facebook Page for more information & link.

    BCSHA Dates to Remember 2022-23 

    BCSHA 2022-23  MEETING DATES  (Tentative)

    1. September 20th -7:30 pm (REQUEST IN  BY 9/14)

    2. October 4th - 7:30 pm (REQUEST IN BY 9/29)

    3. November 15th - 7:30 pm (REQUEST IN  BY 11/2)

    4. No Meeting in December

    5. January 10th - 7:30 pm (REQUEST IN  BY 1/4)

    6. February 7th - 7:30 pm (REQUEST IN  BY 2/1)

    7. March 7th - 7:30 pm (REQUEST IN  BY 3/2)

    8. April 4th - 7:30 pm (REQUEST IN  BY 3/30)

    9. May 9th - 7:30 pm (REQUEST IN  BY 5/3)

    10. No Meeting in June 

    To join BCSHA, please complete the online form with the link below to submit the completed form along with $5 per family via PAYPAL by Sending $ to a Friend
    BCSHA9@gmail.com, or VENMO to @BCSHA.

    We hope you will find this information informative and helpful. Welcome aboard, as we work together to create another memorable and exciting year. Please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or ideas. We look forward to seeing you soon!  


    Anna Behnke - President,  Shelby Pagan - Vice President, Courtney Whitman - Treasurer, Gena Krug - Secretary

    To join BCSHA, please complete the
    online form below. Submit the completed form along with $5 per family via PAYPAL or VENMO. THIS YEAR, THE BCSHA MEMBERSHIP FORM IS ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE: https://forms.gle/a6o9ddV9Spi3Xt1T8  Payment is preferred via PAYPAL or VENMO. *Memberships will be accepted through 5/15/23. 




    Login to your PayPal account 

    • Click Send & Request.

    • Under Send money, enter email: BCSHA9@gmail.com

    • When prompted, select  Send to a Friend, (NOT goods and services)

    • Enter payment amount: $5.00

    • In notes: Write the name used on your membership form, and Submit.

    Login to your VENMO Account 

    • Click Send & Request.

    • Under Send money, enter @BCSHA

    • Enter payment amount: $5.00

    • In notes: Use an emoji, write the name used on your membership form, and Submit.





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    Send a text to 81010 and Text this message @dadd9a3

    Each BCS Grade also has a NON-HSA affiliated FB Group. Search for “BCS Class of (8th grade graduation year)”

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    WEBPAGE https://www.bcsberlin.org/domain/43



    BCSHA Membership Letter 2022-23

  • Please feel free to contact any BCSHA Officer at: 

    Anna Behnke, President

    Shelby Pagan, Vice President

    Courtney Whitman, Treasurer

    Gena Krug, Secretary

    CONTACT: BCSHA9@gmail.com


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