Homework Club

  • Homework Club

    Hello and Welcome to Homework Club!

    Here are a few guidelines to help you have a productive and enjoyable time in Homework Club:

    • Remember that Homework Club goes from 2:20 until 3:20.
    • Please bring everything you will need to go home to Homework Club.
    • You are expected to stay quiet and work until 3:00 p.m. Since many students in Homework Club are trying to get work finished before they go home, please respect their time and effort by staying quiet.
    • You are allowed to have your cell phone, but, please, do not use it during our time together. If it seems that you are abusing the privilege of being able to have your phone with you, it can stay on our desk until you are ready to leave. We will alert you to any messages you get during homework club time.
    • If you are completing make-up work for another teacher, please, grab a stickie note from our desk and write the name of the teacher on it. This way we can put it in the correct mailbox for you.
    • You are welcome to borrow a book to read from our shelves - please remember to return it when you are finished.
    • Of course you may have a snack - just be mindful of others’ allergies and clean up after yourself.
    • We will gladly help you with your assignments (except for tests). There is usually an 8th grader who can help you as well.