Dr. Joseph Campisi

  • Dear Students, Parents, and Community Members of the Berlin Community School,

    On June 20, 2019, I was appointed as the Superintendent of the Berlin Borough School District.  I am very grateful for this incredible opportunity, one that I will never take for granted. The Berlin Community School is an extremely special place, and I am honored to have the chance to become part of the BCS family.  

    I believe that expressing gratitude and ensuring all stakeholders understand they are valued is a crucial aspect of leadership.   To the parents and community members, thank you for taking the time to give me feedback and beginning a positive dialogue. I would also like to thank the terrific community groups and organizations, including the Home & School Association, Borough Council, Police Department, Library Board of Trustees, and the Berlin Borough Business Association.  I cannot wait to build on the work we have already begun to strengthen this community.

    My focus will remain on establishing and maintaining high levels of communication, transparency, feedback, and follow-up with all stakeholders.  I hope to continue the open dialogue as we work on committees for the success of our students.  

    I will continue to be highly visible and attend as many of the school and community events as possible.  My primary focus will always be our students. I can honestly say that I have felt very much at home here at BCS.  I am looking forward to working together with all stakeholders for the betterment of our students and community for many years to come.

    Truly yours,

    Joseph Campisi

    Joseph Campisi, Ph.D.



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