December 8, 2020
    Dear Parents/Guardians:                                                                                        


    The Berlin Borough School District will again be offering an in-district preschool program for the 2021-2022 school year for four year old children who reside within our school district.  (A student’s age is defined by his/her age on 10-1-21).  This program has been highly successful and proven to be an enriching opportunity for all the children involved. 


    The class will accommodate approximately 16 students.  It will consist of eight to 10 students who are developing typically and up to approximately six students who have already been determined to be eligible for special education and related services.  The class will be staffed by a teacher who is dually certified in the areas of general and special preschool education and at least one classroom assistant.   


    The class will be scheduled for a half-day from 12:10 -2:40 pm for five days per week.  There will be no class approximately one time per month in order to schedule parent workshops and conferences.  There will be NO COST for the program for the parent/guardian and  NO TRANSPORTATION will be provided for non-classifed children. 
    In order to be considered for this program, children must be residents of Berlin Borough, toilet trained and born on or before 10-1-17.  Children born on or before 10-1-16 will not be eligible because they will be able to register for kindergarten.  Participants in the program will be determined by a lottery drawing.  ***Parents-If you are so lucky as to have twins or siblings who will be applying together, please kindly let us know and/or staple their acceptance forms together, as we will consider them as a unit.***
    If you are interested in enrolling your non-classified child in this program, please complete the application that is available in the Elementary and Middle School Offices and/or by clicking here and return to Mrs. Laura Behnke, Child Study Team Office by February 22, 2021.    Parents/guardians will be notified by our Office if their child has been selected.   If chosen, you will need to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Kim Cunningham in the Board Office to register your child.  If your child is not selected, he/she will be placed on a waiting list and considered according to position on the list if an opening becomes available.


    If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact my secretary, Mrs. Laura Behnke at 768-7904 ext. 211.    
    Sincerely yours, 



    Kristin Braidwood

    Supervisor of Special Services