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    Registration for PALS enrollment is OPEN throughout the entire school year. Registrations and fees are collected completely online through our Community Pass Program. 



    Schedule options are listed with the number of days per week and the pickup time.

    After choosing an option, you will be prompted to select the days of the week that you need care.

    The schedule that you choose at registration will be consistent for the entire year.   i.e. if you choose a 2-day option, and then select Monday and Tuesday, you will then be scheduled every  Monday and Tuesday.

    You are billed weekly at an hourly rate depending on your schedule. You are billed for the time slot that you chose at registration, whether or not your child is picked up early.

    You will have the option to pay the full amount due for the year or to make weekly payments. Payments are due every Friday.

    Half days and holidays are charged separately.

    When school is closed and PALS is opened, the cost is:

    half-day: $30.00  full-day: $55.00 



    $40.00 registration fee per child for the school year program and $40.00 registration fee per child for the summer program.   Even if a student attends PALS all year long, they must be registered separately for summer and pay the summer registration fee in order to be admitted into the summer program. 



    Pals registration for the 2021-2022 school year opens Monday, August 9, 2021.

    School year PALS begins on September 7, 2021, and enrollment for the program is open all year

    Children MAY NOT start in either program without the submission of a complete online registration and a paid registration fee.  Computers are available in the CER office so that all families have access to the online registration process.  Parents are required to keep their children's forms up to date by promptly reporting any changes in information. All previous outstanding balances for CER/PALS must be paid first in order to register for the new year.  


Registration for PALS Program