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    Payment is made at the time you choose the dates that you would like your child to attend PALS.

    Morning Rate:  $5.00

    Afternoon Rate: $10.00

    Early Dismissal Days: $20.00


    • Schedules are only accepted on a weekly basis, a daily schedule is NOT accepted.
    • Your payment is due at the time you add your days to your cart.
    • If choosing to make a schedule on a weekly basis, all dates must be chosen the Friday before the upcoming week. 



    When school is closed and PALS is opened, the cost is:

    half-day: $20.00  full-day: $45.00 


    Please log on at any time to view balances or transaction details. Credit, Debit, or e-check can be saved to your account for your convenience. We also accept check payments in the CER office. CASH payments are not accepted.


    Please know that if we accept a check from you and it is returned, you will be charged a $40 returned check fee.  In addition, we will only accept money orders or credit cards after a check has been returned.