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    Weekly Attendance Schedules:

    In order to keep your child(ren) safe, it is required we know the days they will be attending PALS for the week.  The task of providing your child(ren)’s PALS schedule is your responsibility.  It is incredibly important that we have advanced notice of their attendance in PALS.  


    Your child’s PALS schedule must be communicated to us in writing one of the following ways:

    • Via our online scheduler, available under the PALS Before and After Care tab at www.bcsberlin.org
    • Via email to sojdakm@bcsbsberlin.org  by Monday morning 9:00 am before the week you are requesting your child to attend PALS.
    • Send us a monthly calendar in advance.  Please call the PALS office if you are in need of a blank calendar form. 
    • Keep a regular schedule (i.e., every Monday/Wednesday/Friday,) and notify us via email or in writing at least 48 hours in advance of any changes to this schedule. 

    If you have not notified us of your child(ren)’s schedule and you are not responding to our calls, we will hold them in PALS for their safety and you will be required to pick them up.  You will be charged for PALS in this situation.  We always fault on the side of safety, and would rather have your child safe in our care as opposed to going home to an empty house. 

     **Any changes to your child’s schedule which are called in or emailed to the PALS office after 12:00 pm on any given day will be assessed an additional $10.00 readjustment fee .**


    The following WILL NOT be accepted as a schedule submission:

    • Calling after 12:00 PM or 10 minutes before dismissal
    • Writing a note in your child(ren)’s agenda (we don’t see these)
    • Sending the teacher a Remind or Class DoJo message (we don’t receive these)
    • Emailing only the teacher
    • Calling or texting the teacher
    • Telling your child(ren) to tell us. This is not an acceptable form of notification.
    • Not telling us any schedule at all

    Please make every effort to send us your PALS schedule at least a week in advance, if not more, and give us at least 48 hours’ notice if there is a change to the schedule. Dismissal time is NOT the time to be scrambling to determine whether or not a child should go to PALS, walk home, or take the bus.   We will default to hold them in PALS for their safety, and you will be charged for our services.

Due Date for Schedules

  • PALS Schedules are due 9:00 am Monday prior to the week of attendance. If we do not receive your weekly schedule (whether or not your child will be attending PALS) by Monday at 9:00 am we will charge a $10 late submission fee. 

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