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    Discipline Procedures

    The school's discipline code is in effect during the PALS program and may be found in your child's school handbook. Children who do not cooperate or follow instructions will be spoken to by staff or a PALS Incident Report may be written up. If the child has to be spoken to on a consistent basis, the parent will also be made aware of the situation. In severe discipline cases, the parent will be called and asked to pick their child up immediately.
    If the behavior does not significantly improve, the parents will be notified of possible suspension or even exclusion from the program. Participation in the BCS PALS Program is a privilege. This privilege can be revoked due to continued misbehavior or failure to follow the procedures listed in this manual. We want you to know we will do everything possible to work with the family of the child(ren) in order to prevent this policy from being enforced. This is for everyone’s safety and well-being.
    We abide by the policies in the State of New Jersey Expulsion Policy, as detailed in PALS Expulsion Policy.