PALS Scheduler Week of March 16th.

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 Important notice to Parents/Guardians, 
Please do your best to give us your anticipated PALS AFTER SCHOOL schedule for the following dates. Please note, PALS Schedules are due by MONDAY, 9:00 am. Any late schedules or schedules that aren't turned in are subject to a $10.00 late submission fee. If there are changes to your child's schedule after you have submitted this form, those changes must then be emailed to Any daily changes that are received after 12:00 noon on any given day will be subject to a $10.00 readjustment fee.

If you have more than one child which will be on the SAME schedule, you can enter both together in the first name box below, i.e., "John and Mary." If your children are on DIFFERENT schedules, please complete a separate form for each!


Monday 03/16  
Tuesday 03/17  
Wednesday 03/18  
Thursday 03/19  
Friday 03/20  
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