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Parent Support-Topic # 2- Math Resources for Parents

Tonight Mrs. Basner went through these amazing resources for parents

  1. If you have any questions Mrs. Basner is available.
  2. Ask your child's teacher if your student is allowed to use notes on tests and quizzes

Helpful Websites:

  • Super helpful, broken down by grade starting at 2nd grade and goes up to AP Statistics. Click on the grade and topic and he will reteach a lesson or concept. 2nd through 5th grade use the GO Math curriculum that we use at BCS. If your child is struggling he will reteach the lesson to your child or to you so can assist.

  • 4-5 graders especially, you can tie it to a specific math book, offers example problems, skill review, learn with an example. This is a great resource for parents.

  •  6-8 grades use this to improve skills and it is typically assigned by their teacher. They may have a certain # of minutes a week

Manipulative websites

Use marshmallows or M&M's, anything can be a manipulative
index cards for 8th graders to write equations

Helpful Apps
  • Photomath *This is Mrs. Basner's personal favorite!  I have it on my phone!
  • Solve4x
  • iMathematics
Think a tutor may help?