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The Rejection of Hate and the Protection of the Rights of Educators to Teach Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity

The Berlin Borough School District strongly and unequivocally rejects all hate speech, defamation, or harassment when teachers carry out the District-approved curriculum.  When teachers provide instruction, there is an inherent vulnerability because some material used may not have traditionally been used.  However, teachers have the right to basic human dignity.  It should go without saying that teachers must be treated with respect regardless of personal opinions about the content of the lessons.  Treating staff members with human dignity is essential for students to learn and teachers to have a safe working environment.      

Acts of defamation or harassment directed at the staff will not be tolerated.  Educators are protected under the standards set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education, intellectual and academic freedom, and on many other levels.  Any breaches of these protections will be dealt with to the fullest extent permissible by law.  It is essential to understand that the District’s Equity work will continue, regardless of the unacceptable actions of a few.  The District will continue forward with teaching Equity for student success as they grow into well-rounded, young adults for their transition to high school and beyond.  For those stakeholders who wish to join the District to support our Equity work, we urge you to speak up and speak out.

Joseph Campisi, Ph. D.